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Northhill Fresh Fruit Orchard

Northhill Orchard & Supply (formerly Brubaker’s Orchard) provides Apple Picking, Pumpkin Picking and more. There are also and many more orchard activities for your whole family to enjoy! We are proud to be an apple picking farm serving the surrounding areas ofย Lewisburg, Selinsgrove, Danville, Williamsport, Middleburg, Winfield, and Bloomsburg.

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People from all over have thoroughly enjoyed their time spent in our orchards picking apples and other assorted fresh fruits. As a family operated business, Northhill Orchard is dedicated to providing the best Fresh Fruit Orchard around for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Come check us out! We are so excited for some new things coming this year to Northhill. You won’t want to miss the fun, country atmosphere this season. Just follow this link if you need directions to our orchard.

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Northhill Fresh Fruit Orchard

Activites In The The Orchard This Fall!

Once again we are happy to offer peach and cider slushy made from peaches and apples right here at northhill orchard. We also have other fun activities such as an Apple slingshot and RC boat rental. Kids and parents will enjoy flying around our pond with remote control boats, and they are FAST! Come out today or you can contact us to schedule a visit!ย 

We have a number of new and exciting activities added to the Northhill Apple Orchard this year and we can’t wait for you to enjoy them! We want our visitors to be able to relax and enjoy the Central Pennsylvania countryside on our orchard.

This year we still have our Corn Maze starting in August (or as soon as the corn is high enough), and Sunflower Field for you to walk through and take pictures in, and a Pumpkin Patch this fall where you will be able to pick out pumpkin to take home with you.

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Get Lost In Our Corn Maze

We’re excited to once again have our Corn Maze at the Orchard this season! Corn mazes are a great way to have some classic farm fun. There are lots of ways to enjoy a corn maze at our fresh fruit orchard.

If you’re a Mom with small children or a stroller we will have a trail around the perimeter of the corn maze so you wont have to worry about your children getting lost, but you still can have the experience of being in a cornfield.

If you’re with a group of friends try splitting up into multiple groups and see which group can find their way out first.

If you’re on a date or with your significant other you can hold hands while walking through our fresh fruit farm corn maze and enjoy a little quality time solving the maze together.

Corn mazes are a really fun summer/fall activity, we can’t wait for you to enjoy ours!ย 

The Northhill Orchard Corn Maze Activity will be open starting in late August this year.ย 

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Pick Pumpkins From Our Pumpkin Patch

We’re excited to announce that Northhill Orchard will be featuring a Pumpkin Patch this year. You will be able to walk through a Pumpkin Patch and pick out a pumpkin (or several) to take with you. Nothing beats crisp country air on a fall day and walking through a pumpkin patch.ย 

We pre-cut all of our pumpkins so you won’t have to worry about tripping over pumpkin vines or cutting your own pumpkin stems. All you have to do is walk through the Pumpkin Patch and pick the ones you want to keep.ย 

We can’t wait for you and your friends and family to enjoy our Pick Your Own Pumpkins Patch this fall!


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Northhill Orchard Fall Hay Rides

Find yourself a comfy seat on one of the hay bales and enjoy a scenic, relaxing wagon ride at Northhill Orchard.ย 

We’ve got the tractor and wagon out so that any of our visitors can enjoy a classic fall farm fun activity. You can ride all around and see the orchard and farm from a new perspective in the wagon.

Come enjoy the best fall activities that will bring you closer to God’s creation and your loved ones at Northhill Orchard & Supply.

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Come And Enjoy Our New Sunflower Field

We are happy to annouce the return of our Sunflower Field to the Orchard. In addition to fresh fruit and a corn maze, visitors to Northhill Orchard will be able to walk through a beautiful and relaxing Sunflower Field.

Sunflower Fields are a beautiful site to experience, so you won’t want to miss this while you’re visiting the orchard.ย 

Our Sunflower Field will be in bloom this fall.

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Take In The Natural Beauty Of Our Zinnia Wildflowers

In addition to our Sunflower field you can take in the beauty of our Zinnia wildflowers. Take in the natural beauty of our wildflowers and even pick some to take home with you.

Northhill Orchard is a place for you and your friends and family to relax and enjoy nature in a way not many people get to these days.ย 

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Enjoy Our Orchard Farm Market

Starting in June, as soon as fresh fruit begins to ripen in our orchard, you can expect to see some of it at our orchard farm market. Throughout the summer and fall you can call us directly and place your fresh fruit orders based on what is in season and what we have available!ย 

In the fall, beginning in September, we transition to our fall orchard market and you can find mums, pumpkins, gourds, apples, and any other fruit that is still in season. Plan your visit and enjoy all that Northhill Orchard’s market has to offer.ย 

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Race Remote Control Boats On Our Orchard Pond

Something fun and exciting we’re featuring this year at the orchard is remote control speed boats! And trust us when we say these things go FAST.

Kids and parents will have a blast zipping these boats around on the pond. Battery charges easily last for 15 minutes so you have plenty of time to race around on the pond every time.

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Mulch For Sale

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Bulk Mulch Delivery Available

We offer bulk mulch delivery starting at $20! Click the mulch button below to see our mulch delivery service areas and the different mulch for sale options.ย 

Northhill Orchard is offering 3 different types of Mulch for Sale this season. Colorfast Black Mulch, Colorfast Brown Mulch, and All Natural Bark Mulch for sale. There are things to consider with each mulch type so be sure to check out our Mulch for sale Page for those details.

You can place a mulch order by phone or fill out a contact form and we will be in touch with you. We can help you decide what kind of mulch would be best for you if you need help making that decision.

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Here's what our new friends are saying...

A lovely view, with a nice orchard, and a kindhearted staff. we felt very welcome and had a great time!

Andace / Facebook

Great place for the whole family and beautiful views at the top of the orchard.

Jeanne / Facebook

My boyfriend and I had such an amazing time! Everyone who worked there was super friendly. We definitely will be coming back!

Brianna / Facebook

Such and awesome place close to home. We were the only ones there picking tonight. They were so helpful about what kinds of apples to use for different things. I will definitely go back every year. The sunset was amazing.

Macie / Facebook

Great fun filled experience for the family! Wonderful selection and quality time well spent! Bring the family!

Sharnel / Facebook
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Call Us To Order

Ordering fruit is easy! You call us, we pick your fruit order straight from the orchard, and you come pick it up when it's ready. Call today to place your order.

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Apple Picking

Fill out the our Apple Picking page form, give us a call, or just show up at the orchard and pick your own fresh fruit. Bring the whole family out for a day of fun at Northhill Orchard!

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Where did Brubaker’s Orchard go?

In 2020 Brubaker’s Orchard re-emerged as Northhill Orchards and Supply. Northhill Orchard assumed the role of caretaker for the orchard and worked hard to make it provide again in 2020. All the fruit trees were brought back to fruition and Ephraim King and his family (who started Northhill Orchard) have dedicated themselves to caring for the orchard and providing you with quality fruit.

Brubaker’s Orchard enjoyed more than 25 fruitful years and now Northhill Orchard and Supply is proud to carry on that legacy and expand what the orchard has to offer.