Welcome To Our Peach Orchard

Take a step into our picturesque peach orchard, nestled right in the heart of Winfield, PA. Our peach orchard is packed with lush peach trees that are filled with peaches bursting with flavor. Pick from 12 varieties of peaches, see what makes them different and enjoy the different tastes. Don’t miss out on the chance to walk through a beautiful, scenic orchard with friends and family all while filling your bags with delicious peaches. From Candor peaches to Flaming Fury’s, we have it all. 

The peach picking season starts mid July and goes through until the beginning of September. Different types are in season during different times throughout July-September. To know when your favorite peach variety is in season, join our mailing list or contact us today! You’ll get monthly updates on different fruits in season and keep up to date on different events happening at the orchard!

You won’t have to travel a far distance to enjoy delicious fruits! Northhill Orchards is LESS THAN 30 minutes away from Sunbury, Selinsgrove, Northumberland, Middleburg, Mifflinburg, Lewisburg, Penns Creek, New Berlin, and Bloomsburg. Come see us soon!



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The Northhill Peach Orchard Experience

You could easily just go to a nearby grocery store like Weis, or Giant. You could have your peaches as soon, and as easy as that. At the end of the day, we can’t force you to come to our orchard. But the experience and service we provide at our peach orchard goes above and beyond.

The point of our orchard isn’t about profit, it’s not even about the fruit. It’s about YOU. Northhill Orchard was created to not just provide fresh, delicious, and juicy fruit to our community, but to also give people the opportunity to go outside and spend quality time with their loved ones. 


Being in our orchard gives you a serene and relaxing feeling. Come enjoy the peace that nature offers. Walk through acres of land, all while picking the fruits you want. Our peaches are all natural. Unlike ones you’ll find in grocery stores, none of our peaches are altered in any way. 

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We spend months cultivating our peaches for you to enjoy, but they are not the only thing you can indulge in at our orchard! We have lots of other fruit for you to pick like apples, cherries, plums, and more. 


Aside from fruit picking, we also have a corn maze, hayrides, apple slings, RC boat rental, and flower fields for you to walk through. There is something for everyone. Bring your kids for a whole day of fun!

Don’t MISS OUT on anything. Sign up for our email list or contact us today to stay up to date with everything going on at Northhill Orchard. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook to see when activities are available! 

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Northhill Peach Orchard Gallery

Enjoy our orchard apple gallery full of real pictures of the apples and apple trees that grow in our orchard! The apple picking season in PA begins close to the end of July each summer and goes through sometime in late October/early November. There is always some flexibility around these dates as the apple crop yields are dependent on the weather and God’s provision. You can visit our Apple Picking Page to see what apples are ripe at what times each growing season and visit our Orchard Farm Market Page to see what else is available throughout the summer and fall months at Northhill. 

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Peach Varieties at Northill’s Peach Orchard

Below, you can find a list of the large variety of peaches we have available at our peach orchard and learn a little bit about them. They are listed in order of when they are ripe. 

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