Apple Picking Farm Near Williamsport PA

Pick Your Own Apples Near Williamsport

Are you looking for a FUN apple picking farm to enjoy with your family and friends? Do you live close to or in Williamsport Pennsylvania? Then Northhill Orchard & Supply is the apple picking farm you’re looking for! Not only do we have 9 different apple varieties for you to choose from but we also grow lots of other fresh fruits throughout the growing season.

When you visit our apple picking farm near Williamsport you will be able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We have intentionally created a place where you can escape the “noise” of life and focus on making memories with friends and family. Plan your visit today and make memories that can last a lifetime. 

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Pick Your Own Apples On The Northhill Apple Picking Farm Near Williamsport

Pick Fresh Fruit On Our Apple Picking Farm

You will find that throughout the growing season there will be different fresh fruits available for picking. Now, there is always some slight variation throughout the season but for the most part on our apple picking farm different fruits become available around the same times. You can contact us to find out more about when different fruits in our orchard are available.

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Corn Maze Near Williamsport PA

Apple Picking Farm Corn Maze

Even though we’re an apple picking farm in Pennsylvania there is a lot more to do than just pick apples at Northhill Orchard! In 2021 we added a corn maze to the list of activities you can come and enjoy with your friends and family. 

We have designed our corn maze in such a way that it can be easily enjoyed by lots of different visitors. If you’re a Mom with small children and maybe even a stroller you can enjoy our maze without fear of getting lost for hours, all you have to do is stick to the outside trail. If you want the full corn maze experience and maybe race some friends or just try to find your way out then explore more of the trails. It’s up to you and however you decide to use our corn maze we think you’ll have a great time! 

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Sunflower Field Near Williamsport PA

Come See Our Breathtaking Sunflower Field

Everybody loves a field full of flowers, right? We sure do at Northhill Orchard. When you come to pick apples on our orchard farm you can also take in the beauty of our sunflower field and wildflower field. If you catch these beautiful flowers in full bloom they will take your breath away every time! But don’t just look at pictures, come see them for yourself and bring some friends. 


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Apple Picking Farm Wagon Rides Near Williamsport PA

Enjoy A Farm Wagon Ride

It just so happens that one of the best ways to get around Northhill Orchard & Supply is by farm wagon ride. At our apple picking farm we have a lot of space and getting from the fall market entrance to the wildflower fields will take you some time if you’re walking. You might as well get a hay ride and enjoy the country scenery. It’s a fall activity classic and always a favorite activity for our guests!

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Fall Market Near Williamsport PA

Sometime around September of every year you can expect our fresh fruit market stand to transform into a fun fall market. At Northhill our fruit inventory literally does change with the seasons. You can find fall flowers, lots of apples of course, apple cider, pumpkins, and gourds at our fall market!

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