Apple Picking Near Bloomsburg PA

Pick Your Own Apples Near Bloomsburg

Northhill Orchard & Supply located a stones throw from Winfield Pennsylvania offers apple picking for our orchard visitors. If you’re looking for a beautiful farm property to escape to and enjoy apple picking and other fun activities with your friends and family then make sure to plan a visit to our orchard. We grow 9 varieties of apples in our orchard along with other fresh fruits like cherries, peaches, and plums. Visit our fresh fruit orchard page to see when all these different delicious fruits will be in season. 

Orchard guests from Bloomsburg get to enjoy apple picking in a real orchard in a beautiful country setting. You can take a break from the rigors of normal life at Northhill. The simple beauty of God’s creation can refresh you as you walk along the orchard rows or wander through our corn maze. You won’t regret your visit to Northhill Orchard near Bloomsburg PA

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Pick Your Own Apples At Northhill Orchard Near Bloomsburg

Pick Fresh Fruit At Our Orchard Near Bloomsburg

The fresh fruit picking season runs roughly from June until early November each year at Northhill Orchard. During this time we have lots of different fresh fruits for you to enjoy. You can pick them right off the trees yourself or you can take some home with you from our fresh fruit market.

You can call the orchard office to find what fruits are available for picking at any time or just come and see for yourself. Apple picking and more near Bloomsburg awaits you and anyone you want to bring with you to visit our farm orchard. 

Apple Orchard Page
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Corn Maze Near Bloomsburg PA

Check Out The Corn Maze At Northhill Orchard Near Bloomsburg PA

Apple picking is what we’re known best for but we have a number of other fun farm activities for you to enjoy when you come see us. Our orchard corn maze is one of those fun activities. 2021 was the year we added the corn maze activity to the orchard and lots and lots of visitors loved it! 

We intentionally set our corn maze up so that lots of different age ranges could enjoy it. If you want to get totally lost and try to find your way out with your friends then you can venture into the heart of the maze. If you happen to have young children and maybe a stroller then you can stay on the outer most path and walk the perimeter of the corn maze. However you decide to “take on the corn” we know you’ll have fun with it.

Corn Maze Page
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Sunflower Field Near Bloomsburg PA

Come See Our Gorgeous Sunflower Field Near Bloomsburg

Come and enjoy our beautiful sunflower field and our wildflower field at Northhill Orchard. Everybody loves seeing cheery flowers blooming and a whole field of them is hard to beat. Our flower fields are a popular highlight for visitors that catch them in full bloom. When you visit our orchard you will want to see them in person. Although gorgeous, the images we have here on the website just don’t quite do them justice! 


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 Hay Rides For Apple Picking Near Bloomsburg PA

Enjoy A Tractor Hay Ride Near Bloomsburg

Apple picking on a real farm orchard may sound pretty great (and it definitely is) but apple picking on a real farm and going on a real hay ride is even better! Our simple yet fun farm wagon ride is another favorite orchard activity of many of our guests. You can take in the beauty of the property while on our farm hay ride and get dropped off at the sunflower field and pumpkin patch.

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Fall Market Near Bloomsburg PA

During the summer months we offer all the different fresh fruits that are in our orchard at our market stand on the property. Different fruits are in season at different times of course. And in the fall, usually right around September, we transition to our fall market offerings. During the fall at Northhill you can find apples, pumpkins, gourds, apple cider, and more near Bloomsburg PA! Come see for yourself and take home a piece of our orchard from our fall market.

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