You deserve fresh fruit…we’re just here to help you get it.

At Northhill Orchard & Supply we believe everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy fresh fruit. All the fresh fruit that we pick in our orchard, we make available to you. Ordering from us is straightforward.

Our Orchard Fruits

cherry orchard


At Northhill Orchard our cherry fruit orchard grows both sweet and sour cherries. The sweet cherry season usually begins mid-June and finishes up around the end June, beginning of July. The tart, or sour cherry season begins near the end of June/early July.

peaches northhill orchard


We have many varieties of peaches in our fruit orchard here at Northhill Orchard. The early season for peaches begins near the end of the first week of July (July 5) and the peak season is July 20 to September 1. Peaches are great for fresh eating, pies, and canning.

pick your own apples orchard at northhill orchard


At Northhill Orchard we have over 11 different varieties of apples. From early Lodi to later season honeycrisp, every apple is handpicked and only the best is sold. Depending on the variety, apples are available from late July to early November.

pick your own pears pear orchard at northhill orchard


Fresh orchard pears are available as early as August 1 with their peak season between August 10 and August 31. In our fruit orchard here at Northhill Orchard we grow several varieties of pears. Call Us Now to ask for more information about pears including what is in season right now.

nectarine orchard at northhill orchard


Nectarines follow much of the same schedule as peaches. The nectarine season at Northhill Orchard begins as early as July 5 and is as late as September 15. Follow Us on Facebook so you’ll know as soon as our nectarines are ripe.

plum orchard at northhill orchard


Plums usually grow from mid-July through the end of September. Sugar plums are very sweet and juicy, prune plums are firmer and not as sweet. Prune plums are used for canning whereas Sugar plums are for fresh eating.

Our Pick-Your-Own Fruits

apples pick your own near lewisburg pa winfield


Our apple orchard is open for pick-your-own. Learn more by visiting our PYO page.

Coming Next Year

apricot orchard at northhill orchard


Our apricots froze out this spring. so they are not available in the 2020 growing season. Make sure to follow our Facebook page or sign up for email alerts so that you won’t miss apricots next year at Northhill Orchard.

raspberries at northhill orchard


Raspberries are new for Northhill Orchard, so they are not available this season (2020). Follow our Facebook page and sign up for email alerts so that you won’t miss next year’s fruit at Northhill Orchard.

asparagus northhill orchard


We know, this isn’t a fruit, but it will still be available in an upcoming growing season. Asparagus is usually available from an early April 23 to late season June 25. We don’t have any for sale this growing season (2020). Sign up for email alerts and follow our Facebook page so you won’t miss next year’s crop!

Order Fresh Fruit In 3 Easy Steps

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1. Browse Fruits

Browse the selection of fruits on our Apple Orchard page. Decide which fresh fruits you want to order.

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2. Call Us

Call us at (570) 837-3500 with your order and we'll pick your fruit fresh from the orchard.

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3. Pick It Up

We'll call you as soon as your order is available and you can come pick it up!