Welcome To Our Apple Orchard

Welcome to our Apple Orchard! Here at Northhill we love fresh fruit and especially apples. Northhill Orchard has 11 varieties of apples for our visitors to pick and enjoy at different times in our growing season. The apple picking season begins in late July and runs through November. Fill out a Contact Form or sign up on our Email List to get monthly updates about what’s happening at Northhill so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun this season.

We don’t JUST have apples in our apple orchard though. We have a number of other delicious fruits for you to enjoy. You can call us to place an order of any other fruit during its growing season (growing seasons of each fruit are listed below). 

We are conveniently located LESS THAN 30 minutes away from Sunbury, Selinsgrove, Middleburg, Northumberland, Mifflinburg, Lewisburg, Penns Creek, and New Berlin. Come see us soon!

The Northhill Apple Orchard Experience

Maybe you’re wondering, “Why go to pick apples in an apple orchard when I could just as easily go to a grocery store and get them?”. There is something incredibly special about walking through our orchard (or any orchard for that matter) and choosing which apples to pluck off of the tree and take home with you. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy walking through the rows of apples trees in our fresh fruit orchard and know what it’s like to pick apples right off the tree. 

Sharing an authentic country farm experience with your loved ones is something worth doing. Being outside in nature together brings people closer to each other through a wonderful shared experience.

apple orchard apple tree in summer

When you walk through our orchard you not only get to pick your own apples but you also get take in the beauty of creation. Rural Central Pennsylvania is know for its fertile soil where farmers of all types grow amazing crops. Come enjoy the beauty of our apple orchard and take it with you in the form of delicious fresh fruit.

Not only can you enjoy apple picking but you will also be able to enjoy other fun and relaxing activities at our orchard. For updates on when those other fun activities will be available follow along with us on Facebook and sign up for our monthly emails where we will share about the new and exciting activities as they become available. Click below to contact us with any questions you have about our apple orchard or fruit picking.

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Order Fresh Fruit In 3 Easy Steps

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1. Browse Fruits

Browse the selection of fruits on our Apple Orchard page. Decide which fresh fruits you want to order.

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2. Call Us

Call us at (570) 837-3500 with your order and we'll pick your fruit fresh from the orchard.

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3. Pick It Up

We'll call you as soon as your order is available and you can come pick it up!


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Pick-Your-Own Apples

Apple Varieties

We have a number of apple varieties for you to enjoy in our orchard. Now, they do not all grow and ripen at the same time so it is a good idea to call ahead to find out what apples are in season. Apple season begins in July and ends in November!

Apple Varieties This Season:

  1. Ginger Gold
  2. Gala
  3. Golden Delicious
  4. Rome
  5. Mutsu
  6. Stayman
  7. McIntosh
  8. Red Delicious
  9. Honeycrisp
  10. Empire
  11. Fuji
  12. Jonagold

Northhill Apple Orchard Fruits

pick your own apples orchard at northhill orchard


It wouldn’t be an Apple Orchard without apples, right? At Northhill Orchard we have more than 11 different varieties of apples for our visitors to enjoy! 

Our apple season begins in late July and runs through early November. Different apples are available at different times throughout the season. Call us or submit a contact form to find out what apples will be available during your visit.

cherry orchard


At the Northhill Apple Orchard we grow sweet and sour cherries. 

Sweet Cherry season usually begins mid-June and finishes up around the beginning of July.

The Sour (or tart) Cherry season begins at the end of June.

peaches northhill orchard


We grow a variety of peaches here at Northhill Orchard and Supply. 

Early season for peaches begins the first week of July.

Peak season for peaches runs from about July 20th through September 1st. 

Peaches are great for eating fresh, canning for later, and for baking.

pick your own pears pear orchard at northhill orchard


Our orchard features a variety of pears for you and your family to enjoy. 

Pear season begins as early as August 1st. 

Peak season for our orchard pears starts August 10th and ends around August 31st. Give us a call to find out what types of pears we have available and to place an order or fill out our contact form.

nectarine orchard at northhill orchard


Northhill Orchard Nectarines grow around the same time as our peaches. 

Nectarines are available sometimes as early as July 5th and can be ordered through mid-September.

Call us or fill out a contact form for more information about our Nectarines.

plum orchard at northhill orchard


We have Sugar Plums and Prune Plumbs that grow in our orchard every year. Sugar plums are very sweet and juicy, while our prune plums are not as sweet and more firm.

Plum season begins in mid-July and goes through the end of September.