Apple Picking In PA: Your Top 10 Apple Picking Questions Answered

apple picking in pa apple orchard questions answered 6

Northhill Orchard & Supply is an apple picking and fresh fruit orchard located near Winfield PA. We do have more than just apples in our orchard and you can see what other fresh fruits we offer on our orchard page.

Apples are the main draw of the orchard and our guests enjoy the experience of getting out in nature and picking fruit right off the trees. 

There are a lot of good things to know about apple picking before you visit our orchard or any other so we have put together a list of the Top 10 Apple Picking Questions for you so that you can make the most of your apple picking in PA adventure with us or anywhere else. Enjoy! 

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What Is Apple Picking? 

What is apple picking? That’s a great question to start with! Apple picking is the activity of visiting an apple orchard and literally picking apples right off the tree. You can typically choose the size container to fill with apples so you can pick as many or as few as you desire. Apple picking in PA is a wonderful activity to enjoy with your children/family, your significant other, or your friends. You can’t beat getting out in nature and picking your own apples right from the tree! 

What To Wear Apple Picking In PA?

What to wear apple picking is an important question to answer. In summer months and even through September you can expect warm weather for apple picking in PA. This means you can wear shorts and a tee shirt to go apple picking.

Closed-toed shoes are a good idea because you will be in an orchard and not in your local grocery store. This will help to protect your feet.

Towards the end of apple picking season in October and November you may want to bring along a jacket or sweatshirt and trade your shorts for long pants to keep you warm while apple picking.

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When Does Apple Picking Season Start In Pennsylvania?

Generally speaking apple picking season starts in Pennsylvania middle to end of July. This may vary slightly from region to region but a good rule of thumb is that you will be able to find an apple orchard with apple picking starting in the middle of July.

When Is A Good Time to Go Apple Picking?

Summer and fall are the best times to go apple picking in Pennsylvania (and the rest of the country as well). Seasonal preference is a good consideration when choosing when a good for you is to go apple picking.

If you love the heat of summer then July and August are the right time to plan your apple orchard visit. If the cool, crisp air of fall is what you love then choosing to go apple picking in September, October, or November will be the best time for you.

If you have young children then you may want to strongly consider those cooler, fall days. It will be easier for your children to enjoy apple picking when it is not so hot in the middle of summer. 

If children and their apple picking experience are not a concern for you or if your children love summertime heat then July and August will be great times to go apple picking. A stroll through a vibrant apple orchard in the heat of an August Saturday may be a great date idea for you and your significant other. And all the better if you have a pool to relax and cool off in afterwards while enjoying your fresh picked apples. 


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When To Pick Apple Varieties In Pennsylvania?

Different apple varieties are available in different times of the apple picking season. So, knowing when apple varieties that you are partial to are available for picking is important. There happen to be over 7,500 worldwide and easily 2,500 apple varieties in the United States, according to this article from select

There may be some variation throughout the State of PA when it comes to what apples are ripe for picking when, below you will find a list of what apple varieties are available at Northhill Orchard & Supply throughout the apple picking season.

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What Apples Can You Pick In June In PA?

It’s common to think that once the warm weather of June rolls around that there must be some apples on the trees but that is a misconception about apple picking seasons.

You cannot pick apples in June in the State of Pennsylvania, they are not ripe yet. The earliest that you can pick apples in PA is the middle to end of July.

Cherries are a fruit crop that you can pick in June in PA though, so if you are close in Winfield PA and Northhill Orchard call us about cherry crop availability in June

What Apples Can You Pick In July In PA?

Lodi apples are the first apple variety that become ripe for picking at Northhill Orchard & Supply. You can anticipate these apples being ready to pick around the middle of July.

What Apples Can You Pick In August In PA?

In the month of August at Northhill Orchard 4 more apple varieties become available for picking! You can find Zestar apples, Gala apples, Paula Read apples, and Red Free apples in our orchard starting in August.

What Apples Can You Pick In September In PA?

September apple picking at Northhill Orchard really kicks into high gear with 6 more apple varieties becoming available! You’ll be able to choose from Honey Crisp apples, Summer Rambo apples, Cortland apples, Macintosh apples, Ginger Gold apples, and Fugi apples.

What Apples Can You Pick In October In PA?

October at Northhill Orchard welcomes 9 more apple varieties for you to hunt down in our orchard. You can get Yellow Delicious apples, Red Delicious apples, JonaGold apples, Smokehouse apples, Ida Red apples, Mutsu apples, Winesap apples, Rome apples and Empire apples. These apple varieties can all be found hanging from their respective apple trees in October at Northhill.

What Apples Can You Pick In November In PA?

November marks the end of the apple picking season at Northhill orchard & Supply, there are usually 4 apple varieties still hanging around at the end of the season for you to pick from. Winesap apples, Rome apples, JonaGold apples, and Mutsu apples are the apple varieties you can expect to find in November at Northhill Orchard.

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How Long Is Apple Picking Season In Pennsylvania?

How long is apple picking season in Pennsylvania? Apple picking season may vary in different parts of America but in PA, apple picking season is about four months long. Typically apple picking season in Pennsylvania will go from middle of July to middle of November. There may be some slight variation from year to year but that 4 month range of mid-July to mid-November for PA apple picking is pretty reliable.

What To Do With Apples After Apple Picking?

You have a lot of options when it comes to answering the question of what to do with apples after apple picking! You can cook delicious recipes with them, you can turn them into yummy apple cider, you can share them with your friends and family, and of course you can eat your apples after you go apple picking. We found this really great article with 31 things you can do with apples after you pick them, check it out if you need some “apple inspiration”. 

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Do Apples Ripen After You Pick Them?

Yes! Apples are one fruit that do continue to ripen after you pick them. Their flavor will not noticeably sweeten after you pick your apples but they will ripen. You will notice texture and color changes as your apples continue to ripen after you pick them. 

Do Apples Get Sweeter After Picking?

This is a common question people ask about apples, do they get sweeter after you pick them? The answer is no, apples do not get sweeter after you pick them. They will continue to ripen and their texture and color may change through this process but their flavor and sweetness will stay the same. 

How Long Do Fresh Picked Apples Last?

Answering the question how long do fresh picked apples last has some nuance to it. If you pick your apples fresh and simply leave them on your counter or table they may last up to several weeks before they rot beyond the point of consumption. If you store your apples in your refrigerator that can prolong the life of your freshly picked apples. It isn’t an exact science so we suggest you keep an eye on your apples and enjoy them sooner than later. 

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Ready To Pick Apples At Northhill Orchard?

Well hopefully all of your apple picking questions have been answered and you’re ready to plan your apple picking adventure.

If you’re in PA and near Winfield or find yourself in the surrounding areas close to Lewisburg or maybe Williamsport or even Bloomsburg, you are invited to come visit us and enjoy all our apple orchard and farm have to offer! You can get directions to Northhill Orchard or contact us if you have more questions. 

We also offer a number of other fun orchard activities like our corn maze, wagon rides, sunflower and wildflower fields, fresh fruit market, and more. We would love for you to visit us and if you’re not in our area we hope that you can create lasting memories with your loved ones picking apples and enjoying time together in God’s creation!